About Us

Neogistica offers decision support and analysis services in the area of supply chain management. Our objective is to help our customers improve their business and financial results.


Our offer is supported by:

  • A great professional team. Neogistica is integrated by engineers with proved competences in inventory optimization in multiple industries.
  • Vast experience. Neogistica has developed innovative and successful replenishment and distribution solutions for important companies in the retail, automotive, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.
  • Technology. Neogistica has developed its own analytic system, which is able to work in tune with our customers ERP, defining the optimal inventory policies for them.

Our customers include leading companies in retail, automotive marketing, mining, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Through our services, our customers can achieve the following results:


  • Reduce stockouts
  • Increase their product availability
  • Reduce inventory levels and increase turnovers
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • Improve their bottom-line results

If you want to know the benefits that your company can derive from our solutions, please contact us.





Neogística| info@neogistica.com